Advertising Services

Local Facebook Advertising Campaign

Facebook ads are shown to targeted users on both their desktop and mobile devices. People can then engage with these ads, whether by liking, commenting or sharing, and the friends of these people see this activity (giving Facebook ads a very powerful, viral, quality).

There are numerous types of ads: you can choose to promote your page, or promote a particular post, or even make an offer exclusive to Facebook users. These ads, depending on the goals and target you specify, are shown in different places. Often they are shown in a person’s newsfeed, and mingle nicely with the posts from friends and from the pages a person likes.


We’re here to help you implement, manage and optimise your Facebook marketing strategies.


All costs for Facebook need to be paid directly to the 3rd party, not via Virtual Tradie Office. Access to Facebook account will be needed, so this can be managed.


Virtual Tradie Office will write copy for the ads but is open for suggestions from client.


Virtual Tradie Office will organize Facebook targeting campaign, however we are open to suggestions and/or preferences.