About Us

Our Mission

To help you gain a better work/life balance, and to provide the best possible solutions for your business; to help you reach new milestones and increase productivity by reducing workloads, and by providing high-level support on a budget that suits you.

Excellence and Professionalism 


When you start your own business, you probably set out to make a living doing something you are really good at…if you are among the lucky ones, even something you love! But what about all of those things that…just need to be done?


Virtual Tradie Office specialises in providing executive level administrative support from a fully equipped office on an as needed basis. When you partner with us, you get top-level support that gives you more time to contend with aspects of your business that only you can manage, while we attend to the tasks that you can delegate.


Running your own business is no easy task, but lucky for you, our job is to help you overcome all of those obstacles - all of the little things that stand in the way of your productivity and success…delegate your weaknesses, focus on your strengths!

Personalised Approach

My name is Kate and I am the founder of Virtual Tradie Office [VTO], a Virtual Assistant company located in Melbourne, Victoria, AUS.


With over 10 years experience in administration, my main area of expertise is in the Building & Construction industry. I earned a Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) at Holmesglen Tafe. Having been trusted by previous employers to work from home, I became aware that a home office based Virtual Assistant Service was a perfect fit for my professional career.


My main goal with VTO is to provide small business owners in the Trade Industry with the key administrative resources that provide them the freedom to fully concentrate on the business activities that will increase their revenue and grow their business. I pride myself on my ability to adapt to changing environments and technology, and I strive to provide top-level service to all my valued customers.


I understand what is required to be an outstanding assistant, and an effective team member. Being proactive, hard working, highly organised, and most importantly, trustworthy are just a few of the attributes I possess. When you partner with VTO, you’re getting things done, always. Let’s build something great together!